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Quick Reference

For Best Results
Use wildcards (*) to find word variations. Most words can appear in several ways. Wildcards can help you find them all. Available for both Basic and Advanced searches (see Guidelines below for more information).
(click to try)
Gun* Matches Gun, Guns, Gunship, Gunslinger and other words starting with "Gun."
Photo* Matches Photo, Photos, Photography, Photographic and others.
*biograph* Matches Biography, Biographies, Autobiography, Autobiographical and others.
*ware Matches Hardware, Software, Delaware, Flatware and others.

If You Get Too Few Matches

Try again using wildcards (*). For example, a search for "conspiracy" and a search for "conspiracies" yield different matches. However, a search for "conspir*" includes all matches including "conspiracy," "conspiracies," "conspire," "conspiring," "conspirators," "conspiratorial," and other variations. Strategic use of language helps you quickly find the book(s) you want.

Basic Search Guidelines

All Words
A Basic search (top of page) examines the full book record including Comments, Notes, etc. This is the most common method and works well for most situations. Retrieves matches containing all words you type (up to 8) in any order. The more words you type, the more precise the results. However, too many words can result in too few matches. Combine with wildcards (see below) to match word variations.
Any Word Matches can contain any of up to eight (8) words in any order. The more words you type, the higher the number of matches. "Any Word" searches are most useful for combining related terms or single-word topics. Wildcards (see below) can also be used in "Any Word" searches.
Exact Match Must contain the exact phrase you typed ("A" "An" and "The" are ignored). Wildcards are not used.
Wildcards An asterisk (*) can precede or follow a word or both. For example, *day matches "today" "birthday" "holiday" and other words ending in "day." Similarly, America* matches "America" "American" "Americans" "Americana" and others. Can be used in All Words or Any Word searches (not used for exact matches). You can combine wildcard qualifiers with multiple words in the same line, allowing you to narrow your search to a precise set of results. For example, entering signed map* photo* returns signed books containing photographs and maps.
Images Only Click on the button below the Search box to select this option before searching. Only books with accompanying image scans will appear. Note that you can subsequently click on the "Request Scan" button in any book description to request an image for a book that has not yet been scanned.

Advanced Search Guidelines

IonDrive's Advanced Search System provides matching of field-oriented search criteria. The more search terms entered, the more precise the results. Combine with wildcards and search options to further expand or refine matches.

Advanced fields are treated as "All Word" searches. Start with the minimum text required to find what you want — too much text may cause you to miss results. A Basic Search may be a better choice if you don't immediately find what you want (you can always refine your search later).

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to enter text in Author, Title, Publisher, Subject or ISBN. You can simply use qualifiers and leave the other fields blank. For example, if you enter "15.00 to 75.00" in the Price range and select the "1st Edition," "Signed," "Dust Jacket"and "Books with images" options, you will be presented with a list of signed 1st editions with dust jackets and representative images priced between 15-75 dollars. Try it!

ISBN (10 or 13 characters) typically refers to a specific book, though partial numeric entries are allowed. Author, Title, Publisher and/or Subject can be entered when searching by ISBN but are usually not needed. ISBN can be entered with or without hyphens (e.g. "0123456789" is the same as "012-345-678-9"), spaces are stripped.

Years must be 4 digits (e.g. "1994"). Prices should be numeric only (e.g. "14.00"). You can enter a starting year only, an ending year only, or both to specify a date range. Similarly, you can enter a low or high price only, or both to specify a price range.

Use the RESET button to clear all Advanced Search text and options.

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